Lotus provides industry-leading paint protection

You may already know of products such as a “rinse wax”. In use, Lotus works in a similar way, as “a rinse wax on steroids” which will surprise you. Lotus creates an amazing water pearling effect with impressive self-cleaning properties, brilliant shine and excellent UV protection.

Lotus starts working the moment it is applied, and you can see the results immediately.

Lotus protects better than any wax, and provides a more shiny surface. You will never need to wax your car again!

When applied to glass, windscreen wipers are not necessary until 60 km/h.

The best high-tech alternative to a traditional wax on the market

SiCare Lotus is a Nano Rinse sealant (also known as Rinse coating), which is extremely easy to use: Spray on, and rinse off.

Paint surfaces protected by Lotus can effectively be dried using water. Simply hose or spray down the car using water. Observe the impressive effect, as the water draws away any remaining droplets and leaves the paint dry.

An easy to use, very efficient rinse wax

Lotus can be used on all exterior surfaces: Paint, wheels, windows, trim and more, working as a "rinse wax on steroids" that´s extremely fast and easy to apply for a perfect result every time.


How to use Lotus

Wash the car as usual, and rinse off the shampoo completely.

Spray the car with atomized water, leaving the surface with water droplets.

Now, spray on Lotus and let it sit on the surface for 30 seconds.

Rinse off using water.

Finally, dry the car as usual and the application is complete.

It is important that the product is not left on the surface to dry. Therefore, we recommend applying the procedure only to one quarter of the car at a time. Do not apply on a hot surface, or in direct sunlight.

Become a distributor for Lotus

Lotus is one of our most unique, and best-selling products – and is second to none in the industry. The ease of use and immediate effect makes it easy to demonstrate. Lotus will impress any buyer in the market for a smarter, modern alternative to a traditional wax product. Contact us today for more information on how to become a distributor for this amazing product!