Our company is a collective of amazing people striving to create quality car cleaning products.


About us

We have worked in all areas of the car and marine detailing business around Europe for years. Although good products existed, they were few and far between. Although many of the traditional brand manufacturers can achieve good or even excellent results, it was clear that most were based on old technology. Application was difficult and time consuming, and the result was not always long lasting.

About SiCare

SiCare was established in 2015. Having worked with various products and manufacturers over the last 2 decades, we decided that we could do better.

In 2016 the first products were developed by our technology team, and quickly it was very clear that we were on to something new and exciting: Customers loved the results and ease of use.

2017 was the year of great expansion in product types, as well as volume. The product often sold itself – detailers and end-users alike could immediately see the difference compared to existing products.

 We push the limits of what´s possible! Many manufacturers choose the easy route: Rely on your brand name and sell the same products and technology over and over for decades. At SiCare we push the limits with cutting edge products, constantly inventing and rethinking. Why limit your products to what was possible 10 years ago?

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Technology used

SiCare isn´t limited to one specific technology. We want to be at the forefront of the field, and therefore we always use the latest, relevant technology possible in all of our individual products.

SiCare Technology

Our products are designed using the latest technology in the field. As our engineers develop new technology, new products are being launched – and older products updated.


Our products are manufactured to the highest quality and consistency standards.


We ship out to all countries in the world. All products are sent out from Northern Europe, and therefore we can offer cheap and fast shipping to all of Europe and Scandinavian countries with minimum lead time.